Camila Cornelsen

You’re probably wondering how Camila Cornelsen got here. Once upon a time in Brazil, she studied engineering, hosted a radio show, rocked minds and bods in a successful band, and DJ-ed at a drag party for a good while. Oh, and did we mention  she once opened for Britney Spears? Because she totally did.
Fast forward and smash cut to today, and Camila's kicking it in LA, creating a distinct body of work in photography, cinematography, and directing. She's worked with big shots like Nike, North Face, Johnny Walker, Marriot, Fender and Adidas. But let's talk about the real VIPs in her life: her three cats, Xuxu, Xodó, and Xamego. Those names might not mean much to you, but in Portuguese, they're a whole vibe.