Chelsea Slayter

Chelsea Slayter grew up seeped in surf culture, salt water, and Springsteen as a local kid living on the Jersey Shore. The architecture of her work comes from her interests in journalism and cinema, using her talent for collaborating with first time performers to create work that has heart and soul. She’s worked with a wide range of athletes, artists, musicians, and actors to create character-driven work for brands like Blundstone, Instagram, America’s Cup Challenger American Magic, US Olympic Sailing, Pilgrim Surf + Supply, and Tombolo. After hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated the US Virgin Islands, Chelsea was commissioned by TOPIC to develop, write, and direct the limited docuseries Passing Storms. The episodes put a new spotlight on climate change, viewing it through the perspective of an overlooked island community attempting to celebrate their annual carnival amidst the devastation. Chelsea also produced the music and surf doc Self Discovery For Social Survival, nominated as ‘Best Movie of the Year’ by SURFER magazine.